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Hi All, I need some extra special wisdom here from you(I think).I have downloaded data that is Text, and this is what it looks like ► in the first cell ► 3.4 6.7 8.10 9.13,

next cell ► 8.4 13.5 18.9 23.12 and so on... I was able to use formulas to extract each number either side of the decimal point because the first number has to be multiplied by 6 and added to next number.e.g. 3.4 = 22, 6.7 = 43,etc.

Because the numbers are Text,I can't multiply them. I tried a few methods of conversion but with very limited success.(1)I used the multiply by 1 with the Paste Special method ... didn't change any of them ... tried many many times.(2)On the Data Tab, 'Text to Columns' had limited success and only changed about 5% of the Text to Values. (I noticed the Text aligns to the Left and the Values align to the Right)

I tried both these methods on the original data and the extracted data.No conversion.

Does anyone else have an idea.

Thank you.

Les ♪♫♪♫


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It seems like you can use space as a delimiter. Otherwise, you can also write a split macro or udf to split text in to a bunch of numbers. Google docs has a split function, you can get some inspiration from that...