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Congratulations NARAYANK991 4,000 Posts

Good day NARAYANK991

It is a pleasure to offer you my congratulation, keep chasing SirJB7 not far to go :)
Congratulations Narayan on another milestone

Thanx for your ongoing support of the Forums

Hi Pablo , Aamir , Bob , Hui

Thank you all for your encouragement ; it is a pleasure for me to be a part of this forum , and hopefully , my contributions may help others.

Thanks a lot Narayan..

for all the techniques I have learn from you..

Its really amazing.. the way you evaluate and elaborate details of your techniques..

Wants to congrats you face to face.. :)


Hi Faseeh , Sachin , oldchippy , Deb ,

Thank you.

Deb , you will surprised to know that almost everything that I post here , I learnt after I became a member of this forum !

Hi Narayan,

You have shared your knowledge to this forum and congratulation for reaching 4000. Keeping rocking....


Suresh Kumar S
Congratulations Narayan... Thank you so much for being a part of Chandoo.org and sharing your knowledge with all of us.
Hi Suresh , Purna

Thanks to both of you.

Purna , I should thank you for providing everyone this wonderful platform.

Hi Narayan,

Congratulations on the 4K milestone! Looking forward to reading and learning from your next 4K of posts! :)


Hi Indian , Colin , Sajan

Thanks to all of you ; my personal opinion is that quality is more important than quantity , and I think out of the 4000 , there may be just a handful of posts which have given me great satisfaction.

Hearty Congratulations, Narayan.

It is not just quality in your posts but your diligence and sincere efforts make them even more valuable. I love reading your posts.

A small tale to share regarding the kind of sincerity you show:


Something that I'd like to learn from you.
Hi Shrivallabha ,

That's a wonderful story , and new to me.

Thank you ; disappointing oneself is more painful to digest than disappointing others !