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Congratulations Hui 5,000 Posts


Excel Rōnin
Hi, Hui!

Congratulations on your first 5K post milestone...


PS: Beware of that guy, the Keymaster, he's coming closer by leaps and bounds.
Thanx SirJB7

I have a strange feeling that you were stalking me this morning ?
Hi, Hui!

Actually I worked at night yesterday, then when finished and saw you so close to the 5K I asked myself "this guy would be as kind as to write a couple of posts more?, well, let give him a chance...". But you didn't take it!

Now a bit seriously, thanks for your job here, it's my pleasure sharing this place with you.


PS: Any notice about the Chandoo's T-shirts? hahaha...
I got to 4,998 posts last night at about 11:30pm and the there was nothing for about half an hour and so I went to bed.

I think Chandoo should do a range of promo materials including a T Shirt with the Picture of him and his hair standing up on top of the Red Chandoo.org logo

I think he would be surprised how many he would sell!

I don't wear T shirts, but would buy a Coffee Cup and Stubby Holder !


We're here talking with Mr. Hui, the milestone wizard, and who knows why did the T-shirts, Coffee cups, Stubby holders, Aligator wallets, Amex blacks, and things like these... who knows why have they suddenly appeares in our conversation from the outer space...

Just fyi, KM.


PS: BTW, this man deserves something special, I guess, ... it's a 5K milestone!... it's not as astonishing as it'd be your future (ha!) 1st K-milestone but if I were him I wouldn't settle down for less than... let me think... well, were a surprise.
@ Hui Sir

My Hearty Congratulation on your 5k milestone

Please keep watching us and guide us for a good way


Hi Hui...

Congratulations on your 5000th post, it's people like yourself that keep this forum going and most enjoyable to be a part of, not only for your expertise but also for all the banter that goes on, especially from certain Ninja's.

A famous Indian movie (3 Idiots) dialogue......which means.....

Emperor you are great..please accept the gift...

PS:- Watch it on youtube if unclear.....:)
Congo IAN..

If CHANDOO.COM is a training center for excel,

then you are UNIVERSITY..

Yes.. Chandoo is a Chancellor as well as TRUSTEE.. :)

yes.. Ninja's are Professor and

yes.. We are Student..



PS: Is there any post is vacant for "Part Time Faculty".. :)
My Congratulations Hui and my thanks for your help, it is a pleasure to read your posts and see the way you tackle problems that leave other scratching their heads.
congratulations Hui... This is a great achievement. I am really thankful to you for all the things you share here and teach me and countless others.
Congratulations Hui! It is a remarkable achievement that exemplifies your unwavering dedication to helping others! Looking forward to reading and learning from your next 5K of posts!


Thankyou all for the kind words

I started here as Member No. 24 in July 2009.

I had followed Chandoo.org loosely for over a year and I think I kept coming back as I liked Chandoo's writing style.

When the forums started I joined on day 3 and originally had two goals.

The first aim was to see if I could make 1,000 posts in the first year.

My second aim was to support the forum until I felt it had a population and enough other Problem Solvers to become self sustaining.

I think that I've now achieved both of these goals

I have managed to answer 1,000 posts every year since I started, and in fact have well exceeded that.

There has been weeks where the Forum would only get 1 post for the week and I wondered if the Forum would survive.

More recently there have been days where the main forum page which lists the most recent 30 posts has been filed up in 16 hours and I've wondered how we would ever get through the backlog.

Chandoo made me a Ninja, totally out of the blue one day when I had posted about 350 posts.

I had probably passed Chandoo's posts months before at around the 260 mark.

Since then we have added a further 5 Ninja's to the stealth.

There are no hard and fast rules to membership except the willingness to help others, but a recommendation by Chandoo or another Ninja also helps.

Here are a few stats about the past 5,000 posts

Name		Location	Start		No. days	Posts	Posts per Day
Hui		Australia	27/07/2009	1,388 		5,008	 3.61
Narrayan	India		12/10/2011	581		3,991 	 6.87
SirJB7		Argentina	11/12/2011	521 		4,319	 8.29
Luke		USA		17/11/10	910 	 	4,258 	 4.68
Faseeh		Pakistan	11/01/2012	490 		1,552	 3.17
BobHC		UK		6/01/2012	495 		1,382	 2.79
Debraj Roy	India		4/03/2012	437 		885	 2.03
Chandoo		India		24/07/2009	1,391 		582	 0.42
Old Chippy	UK		28/09/2009	1,325 		460	 0.35

I will be asking Chandoo for a full anonymised dump of the stats and every post and will upload it for an upcoming DashBoard Challenge.

So that's 5,000 posts.

A special thank-you to the other Ninjas to whom without this Forum would get bogged down in questions and probably die due to inattention.

A special thankyou to Chandoo for originally trusting me with the Ninjas Swords. The internet can be a strange place to greet and trust a total stranger with the keys to your lively hood. http://chandoo.org/wp/2012/05/23/chandoo-visits-perth-australia/

But a special thanx to all the Forum Readers as without your support this community wouldn't be the vibrant place it is and it would have died as so many other Excel Forums have.

ps: You may not know that I have also written over 80 posts at Chandoo.org and other Excel sites!

If you want to know a little bit more about me you can read a brief Bio and full list of all posts here: http://chandoo.org/wp/about-hui/
How bad of me, I forgot Narrayan in the above table

Fixed Now ;)

It's also worth noting that Chandoo risks being kicked out of the top 10 very soon!
Hearty Congratulations, Hui. It is always pleasure to read your posts. While I have not used graphs myself I was fascinated by "pendulums"...amazing!