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Confused and need help putting salary formula's together

Can somebody help solve what is probably a very simple problem for most !!!!

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New Member
I recently opened a business and starting to get some traction and I need to put a formula together that kicks in at different points.
first €25k goes to person one
next €35k - 70% goes to person two and 30% goes to person one
after reaching €60k all further income is split 50/50

Here is my pathetic effort at it. I am not an excel person but trying to learn.



Active Member
Hi Robbie,

see the attached file, I have tried to make all the parameters dynamic, so you can change the split. The formulas are in the highlighted cells




New Member
kc, David,
Thank you both very much for your help. David I have gone with your version and I cannot thank you enough for your help. This has been a big elephant in the room in my business for the last 6 months and this will give it great clarity. Thanks again it is "greatly" appreciated
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