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Conditional formatting with color coding is not working


I have a requirement to highlight the cells meeting a condition across and within two sets of 10 (Rows) x 6 (Columns) for two different scenarios. The formula i have used is working for one scenario but it is not working for the other one.

> The similar formula is working for Scenario 1 and it is not working for Scenario 2
> The formula is just comparing the cells across the sets and not within the set
> The formula or script should identify the pair of numbers with same output within the set and outside the set as in above examples
> The matching cells should be highlighted with same color

Please check the attached workbook for all details including the formulas and examples.

Kindly assist...!!



Excel Ninja
Kindly assist...!!
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is there any other means of showing the details , not able to explain the requirement n can i post any video or any screen sharing option so that i can explain
its not the problem of conditional formatting
it should highlight the cells which are related or relative to each other
then only the cells should be highlighted
i have tried to show the example in the attachment kindly go through the attachment
for grid 1 and 2 i have explained
grid 3 and 4 are not working as grid 1 and 2