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conditional formatting one column in pivot table


New Member
I know how to apply conditional formatting to a pivot table. But I wonder if it is possible to add conditional formatting to just one column.
Say you have as rowlabels the years (2016 - 2017 - 2018) and as column labels the quarters (1-2-3-4) and as values your revenues. Say you need to highlight only the column with the first quarter (condition < column total).
So you see what year has a lower revenue in the first quarter.
There will be years added, so manually select the cells to format is not the right solution :)

Eloise T

Active Member
It would help greatly if you provided a sample file. See if the upload is close.
Change from =$B$2:$E$4 to =$B$2:$B$4 in Applies to: if you only want the first quarter.
OR use a formula with =MIN( .... ) to select the lowest value. e.g. =MIN( B2:B4 )


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And thanks to Eloise too. The solution of Guido was what I was looking for, but I'm grateful for your attention.