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Complex Cell Linking forumlas


New Member
Hi guys,
I'm struggling to figure out a formula. I know =A12 links values from a cell from another page to the cell its being written into. But I want to be able to not copy all the data in it, I want to only copy specific info in the given cell for example a cell says "42, 52, 62" but I want the commas to act as parameters. So 42 gets pasted into one cell, 52 gets pasted on the cell below and 62 gets pasted on the cell below. The order is sequential. Does anyone have any idea how to do this?

I am stumped
With office 365 you can use Text.Split(cell, , ", "). The second delimiter is a row delimiter and will split into rows.
Another alternatieve is using Power Query where you have the UI button to split a column based on a delimiter you can define. Also the option to split into rows is available.
For legacy solutions, be patient...