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Mohammed Ashraf

New Member
Hello Experts,

Requesting you to please help me in the below question.

I am trying to compare the employee data between SAP & the Success Factors. I downloaded the report from SAP & SF. Apparently the is misaligned.

Position title of an employee is different from SAP, which is maintained in Success Factors.

Column A has position number & column B has position title, this data is from Success Factors. Column C has position number & D has position title & the data is from SAP.

Is there a way i can compare the position title with the position number using any formula?

Appreciate your swift response on this.


GraH - Guido

Well-Known Member
1st of all, welcome.
2ndly, if you upload a sample file (fake data, but real structure) we can give workable advise. Since you are new, please have a read of the site rules.

Luiz Carlos

New Member
Copy and cleave in cell G4 and drag to the other cells of the column.
The formula is matrix.


Mohammed Ashraf

New Member
Thank you guys it was very helpful. The formula works. However i need your further support.

I want to know the below as well,

1) Position number which are excess or not matching from the success factors
2) Exact number of the position title which doesnt match & how to segregate them?

Appreciate your help guys.



Peter Bartholomew

Well-Known Member
Converting this to a table (or better two tables) would allow structured references to be used in place of whole column references. On my computer this led to order-of-magnitude faster calculation.