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Combining Multiple Tables into One Pivot Table Using an External Connection

I have a Pivot Table created with an external connection to a table in another Excel file via Power Query. That other file has multiple tables, and now I want to add some of those tables to my existing Pivot Table. What are the steps to do this?
Thank you, Paul
Thanks, Herofox.
Normally, that approach would work well. But in this case, I created an External Connection Only through Power Query and then created a Pivot Table using that external connection, because the source table is huge and I didn't want to load it into my destination file. But now I want to add more tables to that Pivot Table, whose total rows are well over a million if combined. I thought the answer was in the "More Tables" option in the Pivot Table field editor, but I can't get it to work the way I want.

Herofox, I was wrong--the article you sent provided the key. I had four tables to append. You create a Connection Only for each of them, and then choose Combine Queries from the Get Data tab. When that's appended (in my case) you create yet another Connection Only from it. Now the newly created append query will have all four tables' worth; you can then create your Pivot Table using this append query as the external connection source.
Thanks so much!