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Combine records from sheets into 1 master record in 1 sheet


New Member
Dear Chandoo,

For 2 years, I have had the need to condense entries from several datatables into 1 sheet so that I have a customer number with entries for each of the tables they appear in - That is to say, I want to combine the datatables into one table that shows every entry in one row for each unique customer number.

Yesterday, I have found a most brilliant formula which allows this to happen, along with a VBA solution also. it is here:


The formula is fantastic and becomes utterly transparent once named ranges are used.

My question is whether there is an even better way of achieving the outcome and with for fidelity and comtrol over the outcome of upto 15 different valued columns, maybe even creating a forensic theory blog as well?

Kind reagards, LeonK
You might want to check out some of the examples Ron has here:http://www.rondebruin.nl/win/section3.htm

Here's got several wonderful macros for combining data from multiple sheets/workbooks and creating a master.