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Code not firing on every activation


New Member
Hi, I have the following code to filter a table, select the visible cells from one of its columns and then paste the contents to another sheet.

Worksheets("QEImportData").ListObjects("QE_Import_Data").Range.AutoFilter Field:=41, Criteria1:="Closed"
Worksheets("QEImportData").ListObjects("QE_Import_Data").ListColumns(41).DataBodyRange.Copy Worksheets("Metrics").Range("U3")
The code is currently in a button click event but for some reason will only work the second time the button is pressed or the first time if I enter a cell and press enter or calculate the sheet first.

Any ideas why this would be ?


Excel Ninja
Hi ,

What happens when you click the button only once ?

Does the range filter ?

Is the AutoFilter line of code preceded by a line which clears all filters ? If yes , then what happens when you click the button only once ?



New Member
Clicking the button once filters as expected. The code above is the only code in the event at present.

*Edit* Have added the following above the previous code
and the event now seems to fire every time.