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chart horizontal category axis text no fill vba


I am using the excel 2013

I am using the recording macro, but I got the VBA an error.

I require the chart horizontal category axis text is "No Fill"

Kindly provide the VBA code



tnq for the reply, but I expect as the image

One pivot chart as the bottom chart and another one is the top chart only view single column through Slicer but the same data two charts, then two charts were aligned as center and middle, the second chart was a highlight. if we will delete the horizontal category axis and vertical category axis variance show

so, second chart horizontal category axis text is "No Fill" and vertical category axis text is "No Fill" so, require macro code for this

Excel File enclosed for the macro run - excel_chart_line_vs_dots_macro_work

For your ref: https://www.myonlinetraininghub.com/excel-line-charts-vs-dot-plot