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Change the position of the questions in a random way

Discussion in 'VBA Macros' started by Visor, Dec 22, 2017.

  1. Visor

    Visor Member

    The post 12 file did not change it. Based on what I recommended here, I had to make those changes.

    If there are automatic translators, I do not see the limitation of the languages, it only remains to see the will of each person.

    The macro works, although with the addition that I placed.
    I have it more advanced, when I have finished the app I will try with the students and with a group of teachers to see if there is some pedogogic research.
    If here I am getting ready to write and publish I want to ask you to accept being part of the people included in the document.
    I hope to you it is possible
    Maybe it's something small, but it might be very significant for many
  2. Marc L

    Marc L Excel Ninja


    As I yet wrote, post #12 is a bad sample 'cause of different layouts
    between before & after worksheets ! ...
    I can do nothing without a clean workbook without same worksheets layout.
  3. Visor

    Visor Member

    Greetings, as I mentioned, the macro already works well. The artificiality I referred to is in column E by placing an "x" to identify the correct answer.
    According to your explanation the fill color can not be moved, but in this way it is solved.
    Now this color moves along with the correct answer
    I upload the file so you can see it
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/i0v5bndlt...la pregunta EXAMPLE Chandoo post 12.xlsm?dl=0
  4. Marc L

    Marc L Excel Ninja

    Wrong ! As yet explained just using Range.Copy method ...
    The issue was different colors layout between before & after worksheets
    without any logic neither any explanation !

    As it is very not difficult to post a before workbook respecting real layout
    and an after workbook respecting same layout ...
  5. Visor

    Visor Member

    "Wrong ! As yet explained just using Range.Copy method .."
    Yes, but There is not other solution that I have, Range.copy method strategy I dont understand how
  6. Marc L

    Marc L Excel Ninja

    SourceRange.Copy DestinationRange : this method is valuable only
    to keep cells formatting or for VBA beginners ...
    Source is data in firsts columns, destination for example is empty columns.
    Once shuffle process is achieved, move destination to source
    via Range.Cut. Shuffle logic is same than my previous demonstration ...

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