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Change slicer item based on a cell value for OLAP Cube


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One of my dashboard is connected with OLAP cube, I wanted to change a slicer from a cell value but due to shortage of vb expertise, I cant make it possible. Any help is highly appreciated. I can change slicer statistically like below but I need dynamic changing of slicer.

If Sheets("Reports").Range("A2") = "2019/20" Then
'ActiveWorkbook.SlicerCaches("Slicer_Fin_Year").VisibleSlicerItemsList = Array("[02 All Dates].[Fin Year].[03 Fin Year].&[2019/20]")
End if
Note. My sheet name = Report
Cell value in A2 = 2019/20
Need to change slicer when cell value is change accordingly

Thank you
Nayeem :)
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Thank you, but the file is connected to the Cube and it's more than 100MB :-S..

Is there any other way to sort it out please.

Apologise for the issue