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Can we form a WhatsApp group for sharing technical knowledge, information, insight


Excel Ninja

Dear members,
Can we form a WhatsApp group for sharing technical knowledge, information, insight.

We can share anything and everything related to automation, not restricted to VBA.
It can be about SQL, robotics, Analytics etc.

Anything which can add to our knowledge base, can be shared in this group.
Please let me know in case you are interested.



Excel Ninja
You are right @bobhc sir. :) Agree with you.

However the reason behind idea was, group might be more casual, might cover more topics that what we see here and will be easily accessible.

And will help me to stay in touch with like minded people.
Have a nice day ahead.


Excel Rōnin
I'm gonna quote myself if you don't mind...
From my profile here at Chandoo, Information, first quote:
"From Groucho:
I don't want to belong to any club that will accept people like me as a member."
And I must add: "... unless a very old dog sends me the invitation!".


Excel Rōnin
Hi, ThrottleWorks!
Thanks for your comment. Yes, being away for a long time, just coming back for an unpredictable predetermined time, mostly to try help a little and meet many friends.
I'm very busy with SQL and web stuff rather than Excel & Office for the time being. And talking about time, photography absorbs not only my free time but my rest time as well, but I love it, more than Excel of course!!! Who can love Excel except the boss who lives of it? (Isn't he reading, is he? As usual, I should add).
Dear All respected Ninjas & All respected users ,

Knowledge for Good is always respectable..
who have respect to "Know & spread something good"...
always appreciate this concept..

on WhatsApp... if linking ...
New Thread of New language criteria& Already subscribed threads...Answered Threads...etc...

always increase possibility & scope of reaching near result...
every respectable one ...can increase strength as team..& mainly...
strength of good relation...as good human...definitely increase...

hope this new concept start from "good"....increase..."good"
& become forever "Good"..


Mahesh Chougule

New Member
We already have such a group, it is called CHANDOO, even has a section that lets you discuss anything its called the.....Lounge.
I want to join the VBA whatsapp group. Can you please share the number or whatsapp group join link.

Thanks in advance.
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