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Can i create a sumifs type formula that will pull in text


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I am looking to use a formula that will pull "text" into a main sheet based on criteria in a column and a row (from other tabs). Something like a SUMIFS but that will pull text based on a vertical & horizontal criteria!

Any help would be appreciated.

Sorry ya, i prob wasn't very clear. I have attached a template which might help explain what i am trying to do.

In the "Input" tab i am trying to consolidate all the information form all the green tabs. I was hoping to do it in a way that, should the green templates change slightly (additional rows for example) that it would be pulled into the Input tab which will drive the pivot table.

I had used an =IF(ISBLANK.......) to bring in the data but it is very manual and not responsive to changes in the templates.

Hopefully that makes sense!


  • Consolidated Action Plan.xlsm
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It's difficult to make it completely flexible, but as long as the header rows are always in row 7 on the green tabs and the codes are always in column A, you could use something like this:

Thanks for that help, i am not sure if i can drag that formula down and across to pick up everything but i can play with it to get it to work. Thanks again :)