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best way to annotate excel formula


New Member
I have a few fairly complex formulae in files that are used by other people. I want to annotate the formula so that the users can understand what is happening. Amongst other things this should help with trouble shooting.

I recall seeing some thing along the lines of
=IF((DATEDIF($P8, #Datedif gives the number between the earlier and later dates#
EOMONTH(AB$7,0),"d") #this gives the last date of the current month#
(DATEDIF($P8,EOMONTH(AB$7,0),"d")+1)) #need to +1 to include final day#

but I can't remember what the special character was.

If embedded annotation is not realistic, do you have any tips on how to present a user guide to the formulae in a file?