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Been trying to re-create this bullet style chart forever any ideas?

Lal Echterhoff

New Member
Check out Jon Peltier's web site. Here is a link to his discourse on Bullet charts

Thanks for the reply!
Been there many times, problem with bullets is they start on 0,and too complicated for my chart. I need to start and end on Hi/Low. All base bars can be same size, just the label changes depending on hi/low.

So, consists of:
1-Same size bar labeled with hi and low
2-A range overlay of +1/-1 Std. Deviation
3-The latest #
4-An arrow or some way to show current trend up or down

Should be easier than most bullets I have seen, just not an excel chart expert.



Active Member
I am not much of charter myself. I do have a spreadsheet (attached) that demos how to make a thermometer chart. You might be able to modify to meet your needs.


GraH - Guido

Well-Known Member
Hi Lal Echterhoff,

You should have uploaded a sample file and your trial of the chart with representative data as per forum rules. It allows us to help you faster and better.
Concerning min/max, that can be achieved with a stacked column or bar chart.
Made something like this. Could be a starting point.