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Automatically showing the day of the year


New Member
For some stuff I do at work I need to know the day (not date) of the year. eg today the 28th of july is day 210 of the year.

However, I haven't yet found a way to get excel to this for me automatically, and have to check my diary each time I open this particular spreadsheet and manually enter the day.

Does anyone know how to get excel to work this out automatically?
Check this link:

"How about using:

=TODAY()-"01/01/2009" "

This gives me the day of the year one day out (According to my diary, i think the example i game in the first post was wrong.)

The link posted by govi gave me the answer, but instead of having it refer to the date in another cell i altered it to only refer to today:


It appears to work beautifully now. thanks for your help everyone!