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Automatically recognizing X-axis values


In the attached file, when I plotted D11:E31 as a line graph, I wanted column D to be the X-axis values and column E to be on the Y-axis. Column D plotted as series 1 instead of X-axis values, so I deleted series 1. By default, the X-axis values were named as the number of data points in column D which is 21. I don't want this for the X-axis.

1. How can I get Excel to recognize the values in column D as the X-axis right from the start?

2. Even though column D is in descending order, I would like for it to show on the X-axis like normal, i.e. from left to right, low to high.

3. When column D values show on the X-axis, I would like the low and high to be what is in column D, i.e. $10 and $30, instead of Excel automatically choosing some values which could be lower than $10 and higher than $30.


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