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Automatically get data from master sheet into work sheet tabs

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Hello All,

I am trying to update data from main sheet "Status Summary" to the different tabs

I have around 20 tabs and want to consolidated all sheets and update the formula for all sheets to update.

I have eg. 3 projects 1, 2, 3 .
Each have its own tab Project 1, Project 2, Project 3.

on my main sheet i have the name of project and the role. I want this to be extracted and displayed in all work sheets.

I tried the following ""INDEX('Status Summary'!A2:A97,MATCH('Project 1'!A1,'Status Summary'!B2:B97))"

I am looking for a project name match in A1 of each sheet if it is found than display the project name.

this work but i have to change the name of each sheet for this to work.

I was reading up about "TEXTAFTER(CELL("filename",A47),"]")" i tested this and in cell A47 it gives me the name of the project tab.

how can i add this to the index formula to make this dynamic .

""INDEX('Status Summary'!A2:A97,MATCH('TEXTAFTER(CELL("filename"'!A1,'Status Summary'!B2:B97))"

struggling with the syntax.

Project 1ABCRole1
Project 2XTCRole2
Project 3DDDRole3
TabsProject 1Project 2Project 3
"INDEX('Status Summary'!A2:A97,MATCH('Project 1'!A1,'Status Summary'!B2:B97))"


  • automated txt name.xlsx
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