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Automate Scripts Remove all slicers


I have a Work book, first page has all the raw data, form that there are multiple worksheets with Pivot tables, all of which have graphs that are used on a single worksheet to produce a Dashboard
The data spans the last 4 months
in the dashboard I want to be able to filter, using the slicers ny year and Quarter
so far so good
I have created a Automate Script that liturally has Refresh all data. Thats it and that is added to the workbook, allowing me to share the workbook and allowing the user to refresh the data simply with a single button press, without going to the ribbon
but each time it I run it it is deleting all the slicers
this is the script
function main(workbook: ExcelScript.Workbook) {
// Refresh all data connections
so last week I created a Brand new workbook from scratch, deleted all teh automate scripts and started again
as soon as I run the script for Refresh the slicers all disappear
any thoughts