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Auto vlookup and Auto filter based on condition

Power Puneeth

New Member
Hi All,

This is something I am looking big stuff automation thing in work allocation.

I have list task which I get every day (it will be more than 30000 entries) and this will be including few yesterday task also which is already completed. So I have to do manually vlookup with the yesterday task list and remove the older one and filter only “AA Code” from the list.
In simple:
1. Fresh task list is having more than 30000 Entries which include few task which is allocated on yesterday and that is already completed.
2. Now I have to put manually vlookup the 30000 entries sheet with yesterday file which is located in my desktop and folder name is "JDOS" and file name will be "JDOS" (this is located in desktop) and remove the completed entries from the list
3. Once we remove the completed entries, will go and filter d Column which start from “AA code”.

I require command button in main sheet once we click this button:
1. The yesterday allocated file which is located in my desktop folder JDOS (C:\Users\Desktop\JDOS) should open the file name : JDOS.xls
2. Once the file is opened Vlookup with mainsheet column A (TASK) to JDOS column E(Completed/Not)
3. This vlookup result should pop up in Main sheet Column E
4. Once this auto Vlookup done. System directly auto filter not completed and blank(N/A)
5. After this system auto filter D column “AA code” only.

I know its lot of big things i am asking but i know pretty smart people there in forum for them this is cake walk.




Excel Ninja
Power Puneeth
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