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Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup code wrong

Hi i am using the excel 2013

i have got error the vlooup VBA function

Range("C2:C" & lRow).Formula = Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup(Sheets("Master").Range("$B2"), Sheets("Master").Range("$K$2:$L$" & lRow1), 2, False)

Kindly help for itself




Excel Ninja
Staff member
You are trying to execute the VLookup function in VBA by using Application.Worksheetfunction

What you need to do is save the Formula as a text string representing the formula into the cells

Change the line to read as below

Range("C2:C" & lRow).Formula = "=VLookup($B2, $K$2:$L$" + CStr(lRow1) + ", 2, False)"


Excel Ninja
Staff member
CStr() is Convert String
so CStr(lRow1) converts the number lRow1 froma Number to a Text value for us in the remainder of the formula

In VBA click on CStr and press F1 for an explanation of the function