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Advanced user forms


Hi all!

Just wanted to ask, is it possible to have user forms that are not square? You know how you go into VBA, create a new user form and bam, it's an ugly grey rectangle.
Is it possible to say, have a PNG image? or make the form background and edges invisible? Can I have buttons that are, not square?

I am working on a custom menu, just gathering ideas but I never worked with user forms so would appreciate some amazing tips. And yes, I know it has no real 'purpose' I just want it for myself. I like things looking slick and I was amazed to see how limited the options are to do just that. I might be missing something.



Excel Ninja
... you will need to leverage something like VB .NET or some other programming language (C# etc) and create custom COM Add-in I'd imagine.

While you are able to re-skin Userform, you can't change shape unless you create custom Windows form as far as I know.

See links for some details.