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Advanced Filter


New Member
Hi All,

Can you please take a look at the attached file and let me know where is the error?
The filter works a couple times and after that crashed...

Thank you in advance,



Excel Ninja
... and after that crashed...
What do you mean by this? Do you mean that the button returns no record when it should return Pear list?

Or that the Excel file or VBA crashes?

If former, then it's due to single space character in C2. That's using single space as criteria for Sales column and finding no match.

When working with Advanced Filter. What I typically do is to set up user interaction range. Then clean it up and place it in actual (hidden) criteria range using code and/or formula.

Also, default text column criteria looks for any word that begins with criteria. If you want exact match. You need something like...

If latter, try restarting your computer. As I see nothing that would cause crash.


New Member
Sorry, my multitasking didn't work.

I meant when you click AdvancedFilter button,rows 7 to 28 are collapsing and on the left bottom is shown 0 of 22 records found.
Still confused .The code is pretty simple and I believe that there are no errors but the filter doesn't work....


Excel Ninja
Like I wrote you have single space in C2. That is causing code to return no match. Delete content of C2 and it will work.