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Adjust the equation to determine the work Shift

Hany ali

Active Member
thanks mr.
Exactly this is the problem of not getting clear and interpreted data from the fingerprint device
thanks alot mr.
sorry ,what you want to be as raw valid data ?
and if by VBA ,will be correct 100% ?


Excel Ninja
Hany ali
'raw valid data'
is that good data, which can get from the fingerprint device
... basic timestamp and employee information.
'raw' means 'raw' - not even sorted!
ps. If You would like to solve eg the whole November, then You should have data from 31-Oct ... of course!
(( so far that format of timestamp is ... something ))

... Have You skipped all my writings?
With clear rules many thing are possible.
The data will show how employees has used the fingerprint device ---- that's all!
Your given information ... hmm? ... gives many possibilities that it can use
... this and that way (this way is positive for both sides).

Hany ali

Active Member
thanks very much ,mr Vletm
Of course, your words are set and you will try again with the appropriate employee to adjust the data drawn from the fingerprint device