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Activating Links & Saving Files


New Member
Hi all,

I am an absolute beginner with VBA and I've got a pretty specific question if I may?

I need a macro to complete the following:

Check in a folder one below Outlook Inbox for unread emails
Should there be none then just end the sub here, with a message, otherwise
Open the first unread mail
Activate the first link
Save the resulting file as the emails title in a specified drive
Mark that email as read and move onto the next until there are no more unread emails.

I'm using Chrome as my default browser.

I've found elements of what I'm looking for but as I'm such a novice I've spent hours if not days trying to combine them to no avail. I sincerely hope someone may be able to assist me for which I'd be eternally grateful.

Thanks in advance
I've done a few programs in Outlook, but I don't know the Outlook object model nearly as well as I do Excel. Best I can suggest is that you post this question in an Outlook forum; Excel jocks are much less likely to know how to advise you.

I am, at any rate :).