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A formula using 2 IF functions and VLOOKUP.


New Member
Hi, I'm building a spreadsheet that will look between a start and end date against a current date, if the answer is "Yes" then VLOOKUP against the number of working days in a month, if the answer is "No" then bring back zero. However the formula that I have put together doesn't seem to be doing that. The formula is
=IF($G3="Yes",VLOOKUP($S$2,'Working Days 2019'!$A$2:$B$13,2,IFERROR($G3="No"," ")))


Well-Known Member
unsure why you used an IFERROR. you should have closed the VLOOKUP and put the No argument straight into the FALSE of the IF statement

=IF($G3="Yes", VLOOKUP($S$2,'Working Days 2019'!$A$2:$B$13,2,0), "")