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Recent content by paramnayak

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    hyperlink in excel to open file location and select the file but not open it

    dear all, I want a hyperlink in excel to a file which will open the file location and select the file but not open it. After doing some searching on google I am able to achieve this using---------------- explorer.exe /select,"C:\Folder\subfolder\file.txt" . But here I have to paste this on file...
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    finding sum

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    finding sum

    dear all, i want to find sum of the numbers that are coming before "*" i.e 2*50+7*60+4*45. here i need sum of 2,7,4. what can be the formula. thanks and rgds
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    calculating value in another cell for operation given in a cell

    dear all, say i have written 4*96+3*94 in a cell A1. I want the value of this in another cell say B1 by using A1. what formula can i use in B1 to get the result. thanks and regards
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    Dear all, I want to customise the size of excel window when i use restore down button so that whenever i use it , i get the set size. How can this be done
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    copy from excel and pasting in word

    dear all, i have made selection of some non continuous rows in excel using f8 / shift f8 (or shift/control). but when i am pasting it in word all rows in between are also getting pasted. How can i paste my selection in word
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    formatting with number and text together

    hi all, I want to format a cell in such a way that if i type 45 M in the cell , the outcome should be 45 kg / M
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    conditional formatting from different work sheets in excel 2016

    dear all. how can i use conditional formatting from different workbook in excel 2016. I have tried using name range but i am getting this message "You may not use references to otherwork books for conditional formatting criteria"
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    inserting in comments

    dear bobhhc, thanks for the reply. Just want to know one more thing. If the original picture is deleted than will the picture remain in comment. Thanks and regards
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    inserting in comments

    dear all, I want to copy paste a part of excel in a comment. I am doing this by copying the part of excel and pasting this in comment using clipboard. But i am not getting the format of excel (for example: the border lines). As a result the copied part is messy. Is there a way to copy the excel...
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    conditional formatting help needed

    Dear all, I have an "m x n" table containing numbers, If I select a number from this table , I want the top of row and column of the number to be highlighted. How can we do this using conditional formatting.
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    formatting help needed

    dear narayan , i want the result to be displayed as 23 ft X 5 inches. (custom formatting 00 " ft X" 000 "inches" is giving the result 23 ft X 005 inches)
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    formatting help needed

    dear all. Is there any way by which if I type 12045 in a cell , the outcome is 12 ft X 45 inches. Last three digits should come in inches and if it is 045 than the result displayed should be 45 inches. Some other examples 12345 should be displayed as 12 ft X 345 inches 23045 should be...
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    counting unique values with 2 criteria

    thanks david and bosco. This solves my purpose