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Recent content by Dee

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    Need Formula help

    Thank you So much Hui. As usual you are awesome.
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    Need Formula help

    Have revenue distributed between two years. How to calculate the carryover revenue with given start date of the project assuming project affected for 12 months Start date = 03/08/2017(MM/DD/YYYY format) End date = DATE(YEAR(Start),MONTH(Start)+11,1) Gross Savings = 12000 Monthly savings = Gross...
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    Data validation using excel macro

    hi, I tried achieving this using data validation...but not succeded. The requirement: $I$7 is the sum of $E$7 to $H$1 whatever the number we type in the range E7 & H1 should not exceed $I$7,if it exceeds it should give a error message. Similarly $E$10 is the sum of $E$7 to $E$9. In this also the...
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    Data validation using excel macro

    Dear Experts, In the attached table, i need to make data validation using macros. Fonts in RED color are the sum of rows and columns. Requirement: whenever the inout is given in that particualr column or row the sume should not exceed the corresponding value in both rows and columns. If it...
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    Excel File corrupt

    Dear Experts, All my excle files have been corrupted and unable to open any of them. I tried couple of free download for excel file recovery in google but non of them helped me. Your file is severey damamged unable to recover is the message i am getting. Please help me....as they are some...
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    Date format in Excel

    Dear Experts, i have issue with date. i need to change the date format from 21-08-13 to 7/8/2013. When i apply format only few of them are changing and most of them are not changing the original format. Both the foramt are in DAte format need to change them to MM/DD/YYYY. i tried changing...
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    date difference in hours

    Thank you very much Hui & Luke
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    date difference in hours

    Hey! Thanks Hui... Can i get answer in hours? is that possible to exclude the weekends in this? :( Too much to ask?:( Dee
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    date difference in hours

    Hi All... I am trying to take the difference between two days which is in the format of mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss ie., between two time stamp 2/29/2012 12:11:23 AM & 9/11/2012 3:14:20 PM. I know only Hour formula but breaking my head to solve this using formula... could you please help me on...
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    Chandoo's Excel Survey

    Hey hui!! Thanks a bunch for your quick response... eager to look at the result Dee
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    Chandoo's Excel Survey

    i am curious to know the excel survey result that you took few weeks back... is it published...Did i missed it? if so, Help me with the link .... Dee...
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    Conditional formatting in Pivot

    Hi Nagesh, Conditional format to pivot is same as that of conditional format you do for any table or cell.Give a try it should come else..we are here to help... Dee...
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    Query on Formula Forensics No. 003 – Lukes Reward

    Dear All, This is a query on one of the Lukes's post in Chandoo.org (Formula Forensics No. 003 – Lukes Reward). Here in the specified formula we can have only one condition can be fulfilled ie., in the below example it is cell D2. what if i need to add more that one condition say <2 ...
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    Push new idea to last row

    Got it...thanks you all
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    Push new idea to last row

    Dear All, I need to generate serial number in the summary sheet. I have a summary sheet and a template (hidden). Macro is written to create copy of template and has to pick few details from the newly created idea template to the summary sheet.Till here its working fine. once it copies details...