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Recent content by Belleke

  1. Belleke

    Need Help With Resetting ActiveX OptionButtons

    Does this work for you? Sub belle() Dim b As OLEObject, s As Shape Dim rng As Range Dim arrOptButtons, arrChkBoxes, Opt, Chk If MsgBox("Are you sure that you want to clear all input Cells and reset the Options Buttons and CheckBoxes on the ActiveSheet?", vbQuestion + vbYesNo, "Confirm...
  2. Belleke

    Need Help With Resetting ActiveX OptionButtons

    Like this? Sub belle() Dim b As OLEObject For Each b In ActiveSheet.OLEObjects If TypeName(b.Object) = "OptionButton" Or TypeName(b.Object) = "CheckBox" Then b.Object.Value = False Next b End Sub
  3. Belleke

    Shorter code?

    @ p45cal, Nice code. Thank you for your time and example.
  4. Belleke

    Shorter code?

    Thanks for the example and your time.
  5. Belleke

    Shorter code?

    I have a sheet called weekplanning and 5 sheets with the (working) days. In weekplanning Data for MO is in column b TU in column c We in column D TH in column E Fr in column F These data has to go the daysheets, all starting in B4 I think that this code could be shorter, but I don't see it. Sub...
  6. Belleke

    Send email from Excel if the condition met

    Hi, You can find some info HERE
  7. Belleke

    Error in Macro

    Error says variable not defined, so you have to define the variable. Without seeing the code something in this direction. Dim MSProject.PjDateFormat.pjDate_mmm_dd_yyy
  8. Belleke

    Shortcut created.

    After opening an excel file on a network drive, a new desktop shortcut is created each time. Does anyone know the cause and a possible solution?
  9. Belleke

    Yes / No button in VBA

    Like this? Sub CleatData() smessage = "Clear the cells, are you sure" + "?" If MsgBox(smessage, vbQuestion + vbYesNo, "Confirm delete") = vbNo Then GoTo oops Range("A2:D6").Clear oops: End Sub No need to activate Sheet, because your button is on the active sheet. Try to avoid activate and...
  10. Belleke

    VBA code to command Enter

    Like this? "Dear Everyone," & vbNewLine & "I am writing this email would like to....."
  11. Belleke

    Transfer from sheet 1 to sheet 2 with column swap

    Ankushrs1 The code works fine, thank you. Have a nice day. Problem solved
  12. Belleke

    Transfer from sheet 1 to sheet 2 with column swap

    Marc en Ankushrs1, Thank you for your time and advice but I am looking for a VBA solution.
  13. Belleke

    Transfer from sheet 1 to sheet 2 with column swap

    Hi, I am looking for some code to transfer data from Sheet 1 to sheet 2 when value in column E is ready. But two difficulties The transfer should start at row 10 and values from column G should go to Column F See example Thanks
  14. Belleke

    User Form

    Hi, Like this? Private Sub UserForm_QueryClose(Cancel As Integer, CloseMode As Integer) If TextBox1 = "" Then Cancel = True MsgBox "Time value is a mandatory field", vbCritical, "Error" Else End If End Sub
  15. Belleke

    Custom Formatting / Custom Template

    Glad to help.