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Require to save separate file in fix path for each unique subtotalled instance via inputbox

Discussion in 'Ask an Excel Question' started by Chirag R Raval, Apr 21, 2017 at 6:28 AM.

  1. Chirag R Raval

    Chirag R Raval Member

    Dear All

    Sub:-Need to generate & save separate file for each unique subtotalled instance
    if put require instance in input box, (input box can take 1 or more then one instance )
    or it ask for save separate file for all unique instance in fixed path directory (Folder)

    I have a file

    subtotalled on first main criteria

    then also subtotalled another criteria for it main criteria (2 levelled subtotal-for each instance)

    I require separate file for each unique main first subtotalled instance
    with all data (with all 2nd level subtotal) preserved with all formatting & heading.

    purpose -Just extract & mail for that instance

    any one can help??
  2. SirJB7

    SirJB7 Excel R┼Źnin

    Hi, Chirag R Raval!
    Consider posting the sample file and write down the desired output.
  3. Chirag R Raval

    Chirag R Raval Member

    Dear Sir,
    Attached my sample file
    with requirement-

    (1) Input box for put Required Buyer No (May be 1 or more )
    in it Each Instance of Subtotalled Party
    generate as separate file & auto save on fixed path
    with all formatting, 2nd level subtotal & heading preserved.

    Purpose-Mail for that party

    Hope-your co-operation


    Attached Files:

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