Distinct Count using Power Pivot in Excel

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Distinct count & duplicates using Power Pivot 2010, Excel 2013 - Video example

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What is this course?

These days almost any job requires data analysis & presentation of results. While anyone can put a list of values in Excel & sum them up, not everyone can do advanced analysis, create charts, make them interactive, summarize data intelligently, present output in an intuitive dashboard or slice & dice data using Pivot tables & Power Pivot. Having these vital skills can make you invaluable to your organization & expose you to new opportunities. Not to mention the amount of time, money & effort you can save by efficiently using Excel.

That is why I have created 2 powerful courses – Excel School & Power Pivot Class. Think of these as steps in a ladder.

Excel School program teaches you how to analyze data, create pivot tables, make charts, design interactive dashboards using Excel.

Power Pivot class shows you how to use Power Pivot (an Excel add-in) to connect to your enterprise databases, analyze data, create advanced reports & prepare dashboards right from familiar interface of Excel.

Good examples, very open and responsive teacher, overall very positive experience

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Who should go for this course?

Both these courses are ideal for data analysts, reporting & MIS professionals, business analysts, managers & dashboard makers.

That said, Excel School is suitable for you if you are a beginner or intermediate level user of Excel.

On other hand, Power Pivot course is for you if you are an advanced user of Excel & looking for ways to enhance your skills in data analysis, pivoting & reporting areas.

To Enjoy Excel School: You can be a beginner or intermediate level user with Excel 2007 or above.

To enjoy Power Pivot course: You should be familiar with Excel & Pivot Tables and running at least Excel 2010.

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