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Demo Lesson #2

Pivot Table Tips & Tricks

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Advanced Pivot Table tips & tricks

Most of us know Pivot Tables. They are a very powerful and useful feature of Excel. In this, learn how Pivot tables work in modern Excel, concepts of relationship & data model and how to create, customize and work with pivot tables.

What is in this lesson?

  • Pivot tables in modern Excel
  • Pivot table layout and design
  • Grouping, hierarchies
  • Slicers, filters and more

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About Chandoo

Your teacher - Chandoo

My name is Chandoo and I will be your teacher in Excel School program. I have been training people on Excel, Power BI, Power Pivot and analytics for over a decade. My teaching is practical and hands-on with several real world examples. I have taught more than 20,000 people to date (online and offline) and I would love to help you. I live in coastal city of Wellington in New Zealand with my beautiful wife and two kids.

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