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Transform can't find the field but included in the step error


Hi. I hope you can help with an error that I get now and then and always puzzels me. It's may be one change or another in the data model from engineering (or not) since it sometimes is a report that has brocken and needs debugging. Most times I get to read of the error but some other times have to delete all the steps till no error is found and start it all over again.

This is the issue. The last step 'Remove duplicates' gives me the error that can't find the column 'MeterSerialNumber'. So when I go to the error step, I can actually see the 'MeterSerialNumber' column there as below which is a bit confusing. I don't understand why it's not finding it when it's there. It would help me to understand it, plus this time I haven't found so far a way to eliminate the error.

I did check it and it wasn't there so was putting it but still kept on getting error. I then recreated a cust column step and it got sorted. I think that there was an engineering update/change. Thank you