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Questions about Excel Wedding Planner


New Member
Hi all...

We are releasing Excel Wedding Planner today. http://chandoo.org/wp/wedding-planner/

If you have any questions about the product or how to use it, post them here. Either Kevin or I will get back to you.


New Member
I love the planner both and easy way to get organised and a further excuse to "play" with Excel.

In the UK we often have guests who are invited to the evening only so we don't need them on the table plan. Is there a way I can change the invited to "Y", "N" and "E" and then count them on the Dashboard?

Many thanks


New Member
You should be able to modify the planner to do this type custom calculations. Just make sure you have un-hidden the formula worksheets so that you know where to change.


New Member
I purchased the Premium Excel Wedding Planner 2 days ago, and there are quite a few fields that do not allow me to update because they are password protected. In the Vendor Details Tab, I am not able to enter info for the Vendor phone numbers, addresses, etc. There is an error that pops up that states the field is protected. Can someone please tell me how to unlock them?



I have a worksheet protected without a password. And not a single user could figure it out. The same applies to hidden worksheets as well.

"Fred. The worksheet is protected and I can't make changes."

"Fred. I don't see the worksheet XYZ in the file."

Amazing. ;)


New Member
I am now having an issue with the calendar portion of the planner. It ends at June 2011 and obviously that is not going to work for a November 2012 wedding when I have things to list. Can someone tell me how to change this? I have looked in the drop-down lists tab, but it is not there. Please help.


Excel Rōnin
@myself (SirJB7)


Excel is such a wonderful, powerful and incredible tool...

But guys at Microsoft have let a terrible, unsafe and scary bug on it.

How could they let Excel contribute to plan a wedding? It should be forbidden to use a took like this for such dangerous and unmanageable things... talking about marriage, hey!, not just wedding...


It's a joke.


PS: It's a joke? Hmmm...