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issue with F8 key while debugging VBA code

I use a Dell latitude laptop but cant use the F8 or the Fn+F8 key while trying to debug one step at a time.

The F8 key on my laptop does nothing and the the Fn+F8 key brings up the display options if I have a monitor attached.

Is there some setting on the laptop that needs to be checked?

Any advice/workaround much appreciated.

I did Vletm. I found nothing relevant to help solve this issue.

My model number is latitude 5300. I also tried with pressing the ESC key to lock/unlock, but again with no success.

It is very irritating as I need to click the "step-into" tab for ever line, while being to use the F8 keys to step thru' would been so much more convenient.
monoj chakraborty
How to Choose Whether Your Function Keys are F1-F12 Keys or Special Keys
That helped...will need to change some settings in the keyboard