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Highlight Duplicates by two column Values

Dear Excel Genius

In the below values, Many Names and F1 to F6 are repeated and duplicates exist. But I want to highlight the duplicates with both the columns, not just in one.

For Example, Anbu F1 is the real duplicates, but if I apply Conditional Formates to find the duplicates, it highlights all the names and F1 to F6 as it is compared values in one column only.

Finally, I want to highlight 1st and 7th-row values as duplicates. Please suggest the way to get the same.


As per your suggested link, I found the duplicate value where the two columns are having data.

But Now the actual data got increased up to 300 columns. For example, I have added some small data like the below picture.

As per the below picture Products, 2 and 10 are duplicates as both the products have the same % value in the RMs.

The below example has only 7 RMs, but the actual sheet is having 300 RMS.

Could you please share some formula on how to highlight the repeated products with the same % values?



Dear All,

Is there any other shorter formula than the below one? to find the duplicates in more than 300 column values?



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Is there any other shorter formula than the below one?
Depending on your version of Excel, in cell A8:
=IF(SUM(--(BYROW(E8:K8=$E$8:$K$18, LAMBDA(a,ISERROR(MATCH(FALSE,a,0))))))>1,"duplicate","")
copied down.
If you put the LAMBDA formula into a named range (eg. IsDup) it can be:
I'm newish to these lambda functions so there's probably more elegant ways of using them.
Columns M and N have another idea.
See attached.

Edit post posting:
Just for fun, I added a formula in column P and updated the attachment.


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