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Growth Indicators on excel charts


New Member
Morning all!

I need to draw "growth indicators" in excel charts but somehow I couldnt figure out how to do it. Just to clarify my problem, currently I am using "think-cell" application to create charts in powerpoint that are linked with excel. These charts are convenient but do not give much flexibility in terms of formatting. One of the features that I like about think-cell is that I can get growth indocators in charts. These indicators are sort of lines with arrows that are on drawn from one bar to other and contain % values to reflect how much growth (or negative growth) is there from one period to other.

Can someone help me knowing if I can draw these indicators using normal excel charts. I can share snapshots of think-cell charts if someone needs to understand it better


Excel Ninja
Hi Waseem ,

There is nothing specific in this forum for uploading your sample worksheets. You can use any one of the free websites such as skydrive , google docs , rapidshare , hotfile to upload your worksheet , and then post the access link here , so that others can access your worksheet.