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Dice Learning?


New Member
Is anyone familiar with the Dice Learning center at http://learning.dice.com ?

What I was curious about was if these prices are in fact a value as it claims to be and also if anyone has found them useful.

I am self-taught on all my computer skills but was weighing the options of being able to have some certificates or something similar vs buying a book and continue the self-taught method.

I appreciate your time in commenting, Thanks.


New Member
Dice user here. Yes, pricing is better than other sites. Also seems like they've secured some courses that were previously only available to businesses. I got a 10% off coupon by emailing their support folks.


New Member
I have never attended any course by Dice or something similar (although I have attended few classroom trainings when I was learning how to program, but that was way back in 1996)

I think structured learning is good, although it depends on the individuals learning style. it is good for quickly picking up essential job skills etc.