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Creating Blackjack on Excel


New Member
Hi folks,

I was trying to create a blackjack simulation in excel in order to improve my chances at the Casinos :p and while working out the sheet I faced a very interesting problem.

When I tried to calculate the probability of success for a player (say PA) after the first round of cards are distributed, the procedure to count the number of possibilities for a set of cards was very lengthy. (In case you are new to the concept of blackjack I would suggest to go through its wiki link.)

The way I was counting the possibilities was -
At the start of the game when the dealer distributes two cards to each of the players (face up) and one of his cards is face up what is the probability of player 1 winning if he chose to
a) Stay
b) Hit
c) Double Down
d) Split

Each of the above options will require me to calculate the number of favourable outcomes and divide them with the total number of outcomes. Although getting the total number of outcomes is a very easy task, getting the count of favourable outcomes for any given set of dealt cards was challenging.

I am hoping you find this case challenging as well and contribute in solving this puzzle.


P.S: the file that I am sharing is under construction and might take some time to understand what I have been trying to do. In case you have any queries on the file feel free to ask. In case I come across an easy way to solve this will share the same.