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Conditional recalculation?


Hey Chandoo,

I have a curly one for you.

We've created a sales order form template that we sent to our suppliers to complete and send back.
We have a today() formula to refresh the form while the customer fills it in together with the details of the order.

The customer then emails the template back to us but if we open it the next day or after a week, the date will refresh.
Is there a way we can lock it the date the customer fills in the form without using macros? We don't want to use macros because some customers don't like using them and the customer is always right!

I was think maybe of linking the date to the user or maybe a cell with a Yes/No confirmation that the order is final but what if the customer reuses the form for a new order.

Any thoughts?

Peter Bartholomew

Well-Known Member
Options might include introducing your customers to Ctrl+; to insert a date or allowing a single step of iterative calculation. Once you mark the form as received the date formula could take the date from itself rather than the TODAY() function.