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Recent content by rumshar

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    Error while doing Redim Preserve

    Hi All, My following code works fine but the array is static. I want to make it dynamic. When I tried doing it, it shows error as subscription out of range. Can you please let me know where I am going wrong? >>> use code - tags <<< Option Explicit Public Sub Button1_Click() Dim i As Integer...
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    Formula to Calculate Longest Streak of Certain String

    Thank you...the case can be closed..!!!!
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    Formula to Calculate Longest Streak of Certain String

    Thanks Ali...is there a way to do it without helper columns too? If not no problem.
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    Formula to Calculate Longest Streak of Certain String

    Yeah Sure...Please go ahead. Thank you.
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    Formula to Calculate Longest Streak of Certain String

    Hello Excel Experts, Can you guys help me with the formula to calculate the longest streak of a string in a range? Example file is being attached. Thank you.
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    How to Loop through each Slicer in Worksheet and Change setting?

    Hi Excel Masters, I am trying to automate a process where I need to check each slicer in a Worksheet and change its setting. Basically I am trying to check box with 'hide items with no data' option in slicer setting. Any help with VBA would be highly appreciated. It needs to be done for all the...
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    Need help to select data range for pivot table

    Consider converting your range to Table. Combination of excel table and pivot table in awesome. This way you needn't to worry about your data expansion/contraction.
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    Remove Duplicates from Excel Table

    Thanks Hui, But I feel the code you have given suits well for normal excel range and not for excel tables. Anyways I got the solution from Narayan. Thanks for taking your time and trying to help me out. You guys are awesome.
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    Remove Duplicates from Excel Table

    Thanks Narayan. I didn't think that way earlier. Thanks once again.
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    Remove Duplicates from Excel Table

    Hi All, Can you please help me with VBA code to remove duplicates for an excel table. I don't wan't to refer table by its name. Currently I am using following code which is not working. ActiveSheet.ListObjects(1).RemoveDuplicates Columns:=1, Header:=xlYes
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    Toggle between ShowDetail of pivot field in pivot table.

    Hi All, Also I was able to bypass loop by modifying it a little bit. My final code looks like: Sub ExpandCollapse() Dim PT As PivotTable Dim PF As PivotField Dim ShowBool As Boolean Set PT = Sheets("Pivot").PivotTables(1) Set PF = PT.PivotFields("Client") ShowBool =...
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    Get Filtered Access Data

    Hi Debaser, I ran into another problem now. Although it is retrieving data but the query needs to be run before importing data to excel. Is it possible to refresh query/run query with VBA code before importing data? If yes what that code would be?
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    Get Filtered Access Data

    Hi Thanks for the suggestion. Since Access DB is maintained by someone else, I can't make any changes there.
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    Get Filtered Access Data

    Wow!!! It is working fine. Tonnes of THANKS to you for helping me out. Have a nice day!!!!
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    Get Filtered Access Data

    Would you be able to help with the VBA codes? I know little bit of VBA but not to that extent.