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Recent content by mr_hiboy

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    Identifying Calculation options easily

    Afternoon all, In our organisation, one department has a system that require Excel to be in manual calculation mode. Which is a pain when they send you a file and and it knocks it off on all your own files. I'm looking for a simple way to identify this, maybe being able to change the colour of...
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    SUM variable number of rows

    This also works, 57. Out of interest is there pros and cons of using Sumifs V SumProduct? Cheers
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    SUM variable number of rows

    Works a treat, thank you very much. Like the logic, I'll be able use that going forward :)
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    SUM variable number of rows

    hello all, I was wondering if it was possible to lookup a date value in one column, then sum the values in the next column for variable number of rows, eg. Data DATE PRICE 01/4/15 10 02/04/15 11 03/04/15 11 04/04/15 10 ... Then i have cells with date and number of...
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    Refresh data table using VBA

    Cheers Luke - I got so obsessed with "It works on another file" I didn't see the obvious. Appreciate the help.
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    Refresh data table using VBA

    Afternoon, I need some help with what I thought was a simple refresh. I'm trying to create a button that will update the data in a hidden sheet. I use this same code in a different file and it works fine, but this new file is using a data table. ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("2015...
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    "Simple" Checkbox query

    Hi, I've got a file that prepare a report pack and prints, various reports. Someone has asked to have a pack excluding a few reports, so I thought I would add a checkbox next to the report list. Just been testing this and it doesn't like it. My VBA knowledge is light, but thought this was...
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    VBA help

    Hi, I've just completed a rather large product/pricing model and realised that unless I have something that allows the actual data (formula) to be pasted as values, I will have do a lot of manual copy/pasting everything I open a file. This is way beyond my VBA skills (even been generous to...
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    VBA to filter specifc rows

    Cheers Luke, thanks for you help. i would have struggled with "and" bit!
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    VBA to filter specifc rows

    Actually been trying to figure it out, I'm able to show the totals, but struggling with not showing 0Total Sub ShowTotals() ' ' Application.ScreenUpdating = False Range("B4").Select Selection.AutoFilter Selection.AutoFilter Field:=1, Criteria1:="*Total" Range(Selection...
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    VBA to filter specifc rows

    Hi Luke, thanks for the reply. Yeah i though of this, but the length of the product list is inconsistent, I'd prefer something more robust in case list become longer than recorded macro. Cheers Paul
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    VBA to filter specifc rows

    Hi all, I have a large list of products, each with a product total line, e.g. Product1 Product1 Product1 Product1 Total Product2 Product2 Product2 Product2 Total I'd like a button to be able to filter to only see the total lines. It need to ignore "0 Total" as i have a few blanks. Any...
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    Reference sheet name from cell

    Hello all, I'm trying to link to an external file, but using the data in a cell to reference the sheet name: So this formula works, as it is referencing the file/sheet - the Product Sales.xls file has 24 sheets, one for each product. =VLOOKUP($C$4,'[Product Sales.xls]Product...
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    Clear indicator when manual calculation on

    Hello all, Bet most of us have been caught by jumping from a file with calculations turned off to another file expecting calculations to be on, printing some work and going into a meeting with a pile of nonsense! Is there anyway, without added something to each and every excel file, that Excel...