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Recent content by Ecel Dumbo

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    Index match issues when referencing to dates

    Thank you Grah THanks heaps Peter for explaining the root cause of my formula problem
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    Index match issues when referencing to dates

    Hi, I tried your formula. But still giving me incorrect answer. I checked the formatting on date cells, they look ok. See file attached
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    Index match issues when referencing to dates

    Hi Please see attached file I am having trouble getting index match formula correct when i'm trying to reference dates and also when looking up values not found in source table please advise correct formula and what ent wrong in my approach
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    Help with lookup

    THank you very much Nebu
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    Help with lookup

    Hi, I have attached file. I'm trying to look up values from "Sourcr tab" referencing to columns A and B ad the result to be produced in "result tab" What makes it complicated is there are lot of duplication in column A Kindly assist with formula
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    return sum of values from a cluster of columns

    Hi Friends, I need help with formula to sum up values from a specified range of columns in “Data” sheet and then drag the formula side ways and down Please see attached
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    Custom formatting numbers

    Thank you Narayan. Very clear explanation Thank you Alan for your solution
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    Custom formatting numbers

    Hi, Could you please provide custom formatting for 910,664 to appear as 911 -541,190 to appear as (541) 1,230,456 to appear as 1,230 -2,534,610 to appear as (2,534)
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    Sorting dates in Pivot table

    THank you very much Chihiro
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    Sorting dates in Pivot table

    Dear friends, Please find attached sheet I would need to create two pivot table with the below column headings Pivot table 1 Column heading- Jul-15 Aug-15 Sep-15 Oct-15 Nov-15 Dec-15 Jan-16 Feb-16 Mar-16 Apr-16 May-16 Jun-16 Jul-16 Pivot table 2 Column heading 2015 2015 TOTAL 2016 Jul-15...
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    formula to calculate value based on threshold

    Friends, Please see attached file and if you could please suggest a single formula that will provide the value and two separate formula that will shows the thresholds separately thank you
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    Help with charting

    Dear Friends, I am basic learner in charting. I have a file which involves multiple (more than 2) variables I would like to compare using charts Could you kindly suggest the best possible way to do this ? Thanks Jos
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    Lookup unique cell with date and time combined

    Thank you Bosco-YIP.....working well now