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Recent content by Andy Holaday

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    Where has Application.OnKey Been All My Life?

    Being the steadfast keyboard user that I am, I have been silently lamenting for years that Excel 2003 does not offer a robust way to create keyboard shortcuts. True, you can assign a macro to fire with Ctrl + {key of your choice} but most of the choices are already associated with useful Excel...
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    Next Big Sound - Beautiful Line Charts to Understand Music Popularity

    Not a bad presentation, except for the wandering y-axis range that tends to misrepresent the significance of the results. The interactive search is nice. I wonder what's going on with the data. Most spikes of "interest" seem to occur on a Tuesday. Given the named sources (MySpace, lastfm...
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    How we spend our time [interactive visualization on nytimes]

    This is a great way to show the contributions to a whole in a time series. I made a similar, static graph for the business that was well received. The interactive feature in the NYT version is neat, something I might try out in Excel.
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    Excel Dashboard Competition at Bonavista Systems

    Contenders take heart -- the expiry date published in the link has apparently been revised/extended. See http://www.bonavistasystems.com/NewsMicroChartsCompetition2009.html
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    Generate a unique list from a large set of data

    Seems like you could use a pivot table? Based on your sample you might need to massage the source data a little (e.g., to map "Travel 2" to "Travel") but otherwise a PT seems like the tool made for the job.
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    Hello .. Introduce yourself

    Hi, Andy here. I stumbled in to Chandoo's spot a year ago and have been a fan ever since. I do analysis and provide data support for the Actuarial department at a private insurance firm. I love to learn and help out where I can, especially with Excel formulas, VBA, work flows and data visualization.