Worksheet Properties via a Menu

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Worksheet Properties via a Menu

Hidden away, well actually it’s just found on the Developer Tab, in Excel 2007 and 2010 is a Properties Button.

The properties Button is generally used for configuring Active X controls, where all the parameters of the control can be set.

One other useful feature of the Properties Button is that it directly accesses several features of a Worksheets properties.

Most of these properties are usually only accessed via VBA code.

Where’s the Developers Tab

The developers Tab is enabled by going to the Excel Options menu (next to the Exit Excel button),

On the Popular Tab, select Enable Developer Tab on the Ribbon


To use these functions select a cell on a worksheet and press the Properties Button.

A Properties window will be shown, showing the following properties:

Display Page Breaks

Displays Page Breaks if set to True;

Default is False, Don’t display page breaks

Display Right to Left

Enable Right to Left Page Layout if set to True. This will put Column A on the Right Hand side of the screen and Columns B… will then be to the left of Column A.

Default is False

Enable Autofilter

Enables or Disables the AutoFilter arrows on a protected worksheet

Default is False (Arrows are disabled)

Enable Calculation

Totally disables calculation of the current sheet

Using F9 does not force calculation.

Default is False, Calculation is enabled

Enable Format Conditions Calculation

When set to True (default), evaluation of conditional formats will will occur automatically as needed.

When set to False, conditional formats will not be re-evaluated. Any previously applied conditional formatting will still be visible, but it will not update as cell values are changed.

The purpose of this flag is to allow VBA programmers to configure a rule completely before evaluating it. This is particularly useful when condition is applied over a large range as performance can be slow in these cases.

Enable Outlining

Enables outlining symbols on a protected worksheet

Default is False, Outline symbols disabled

Enable PivotTable

This enables PivotTable controls on a protected worksheet

Default is False, PivotTable controls are disabled

Enable Selection

Show and Enable the selection status of cells

Value Status

0              No Restrictions

1              Locked Cells

-4142     No Selection

These are only relevant when the Page is Locked


Shows and allows you to rename the current Worksheet

Default is the current Worksheets Name

Scroll Area

Allows the definition of a Scroll Area where the user cannot move out of

Eg: Enter D10:M40 to restrict user interaction to this area

Default is Blank – Scroll area not set

Standard Width

Shows and allows you to set the default column Width in Standard Character Widths

Default is 8.43

This value represents the number of characters that can be displayed in a cell that is formatted with the standard font (standard font: The default text font for worksheets. The standard font determines the default font for the Normal cell style.).


Show or set the current sheets visibility status

Value Status

-1            Visible

0              Hidden

2              Very Hidden

Obviously once a sheet is Hidden or Very hidden it isn’t available to select to enable the properties menu and so this can only be used to hide but not unhide Worksheets.

What Have You Found Hidden in Excel ?

Let us know what you’ve found hidden in Excel in the comments below:


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  2. Tom says:

    The option 'very hidden' is very usefull if you want to effectivly protect the content of a sheet

    The standaard 'hide' is the 0 value. The protecting of your workbook and/or sheet can easily be broken.

    How to effectivly protect the sheet?
    When you select the 'very hidden' and you protect the VBA Project in the VBA Project Properties. The protection is effective because the VBA is protection the sheet.

    The VBA protection is much better and the sheet is still accessible with functions like VLOOKUP etc.

  3. Gregory says:

    Each of the worksheet properties has an explanation in Help. For example, in Excel 2007 or 2010, pull up the worksheet properties, select EnableAutoFilter, and press the F1 key, which brings up new window that shows information from the web page:


    Whether or not you understand the explanation is a different matter altogether.

  4. Hui... says:

    @Gregory, Thankyou for pointing this out.
    I have updated the post accordingly.
    I should use the online help more shouldn't I

  5. Prasad says:

    Does any one know how to retrive password used for locking VBA project??

  6. TomB says:

    Does anybody know if it is possible to change the alignment of the worksheet labels (I have a great number of worksheets in my spreadsheet and it would be useful if I had the labels sideways)

  7. Rwatson says:

    alt+shift clicking puts excel in stupid mode. I'm not sure what it really is but for instance if you type z a w is displayed

  8. Joe Briggs says:

    Any idea where this tab is in Excel 2013?

  9. Kedar says:

    In Develper tab properties button is blank i cann't seet xlveryhiden and other properties of sheet.

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