How to be a BETTER Analyst

Webinar Replay

How to be a BETTER Analyst - Webinar Replay
Preparing you for a deep dive in to the data ocean

Here is one question you should not be afraid to hear.

“Can you analyze this data and tell me what is going on?”

Time for a short story from my past. Rewind to June 2006. Right after my MBA, I became a business analyst with one of the largest technology companies in world. Everything was smooth until my first assignment. My boss called me to her cabin and said, “Can you analyze our top 100 clients and tell me what you find?”

It was the kind of open ended question that has many answers. And I knew none. After several days of frantic analysis (in Excel, of course), I came up with several charts only to be shot down. It is as if I am shooting in dark and hoping to hit the insight my boss wanted.

Only when I applied structured thinking and proper analysis did I find the right insights that helped us take better decisions.

After 8 years, 1,000s of spreadsheets later, I am very happy to create a detailed program to help you attack such opened ended questions confidently.

Introducing 50 ways to Analyze Data

As the name suggests, 50 ways to analyze data contains 50 video lessons, each exploring one analysis technique or situation.
You can consume these lessons in any order. The only requirement is that you should be good with Excel. If you are a beginner, I suggest enrolling for the option – Advanced Excel + 50 Ways course package.

Let’s see the lesson plan.

General Analysis techniques (25 lessons):

  • Moving averages
  • Weighted averages
  • Top 5 / bottom 5 analysis (2 lessons)
  • Trend analysis (4 lessons)
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Visual analysis of distribution (2 lessons)
  • Budget vs. Actual analysis (3 lessons)
  • How many items are due?
  • Overlapping dates & times
  • Monthly totals from daily data
  • Quarterly totals & reporting from data (2 lessons)
  • Unique & duplicate data analysis
  • Panel charts
  • XY Relationship analysis & charts
  • Indexed charts
  • Word frequency & sentiment analysis

Marketing & Operations analysis techniques (11 lessons):

  • Pareto analysis & charting
  • Us vs. competition analysis & charts
  • Solver & optimization techniques (2 lessons)
  • Planning a project
  • FIFO inventory analysis
  • BCG matrix analysis
  • Random allocation & scheduling (2 lessons)
  • Analytical charts
  • Segmentation & Cluster analysis using K-means technique
  • Finding outliers using K Nearest Neighbors technique

Financial analysis techniques (8 lessons):

  • Break-even analysis
  • Buy vs. Rent analysis
  • Time value of money
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • 2 way data tables & what if analysis
  • Internal rate of return
  • Circular calculations & scenarios
  • Simulation using Data tables

Case studies (6 lessons):

  • Case studies on detailed analysis reports, dashboards & articles featured on chandoo.org hall of fame.

Bonus material:

  • Introduction to Excel
  • Techniques on working with raw data (clean up techniques, connecting to external databases)
  • Example workbooks for each lesson
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