SUMPRODUCT is not for the faint hearted

Monthly Master Class - Episode 02

Monthly Master Class - Episode 02 - SUMPRODUCT - Trailer

Highlights of this course

Introduction to SUMPRODUCT
Advanced scenarios
Array formula inner workings
Business use cases & examples
Sample workbook & Resources to learn more
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Answer even the trickiest analysis questions easily

SUMPRODUCT is a very powerful and versatile formula. Unfortunately, it is also one of the hardest ones to learn. In this month’s master class, learn all about SUMPRODUCT – from basics to advanced usage.

Topics covered in this Master Class:

  • Introduction to SUMPRODUCT
  • Conditional sums with SUMPRODUCT
  • 2D lookups & variations
  • Text analysis with SUMPRODUCT
  • Sum of top ‘n’ items and variations
  • SUMPRODUCT and dates
  • Resources for you

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